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    So I am pregnant! Yay! I found out last week and today me and DH saw our lil gestational sac! I can't describe all the emotions filling my heart and head right now! I just had a miscarriage this past May we lost our little Emily! I was devastated, my whole world shattered in a matter of moments! I was only 8 weeks pregnant with her. Right now I am "early pregnant" too early to tell how far along I am.. but I am nervous... I am excited but don't want to be too excited.. Has anyone been in this situation? Any advice for dealing with the anxiety?

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    Congratulations on your pregnancy!! I'm 7 weeks and though I've never had a loss, I'm so terrified of losing my baby!! It's such a scary time, I can't wait for January.
    I don't have any advice but I have two friends who lost their first pregnancies and this year are mommies to their little boys! Hope that gives you some hope!!

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    I had a loss between my DD and this baby. It's really hard to not stress about how things are progressing and if everything will be ok but in the end we just have to stay positive. Fingers crossed this is your sticky, healthy bean!! Congratulations!!

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    Congrats! I had 4 losses in between my daughter and my son (due in about a month). It was horrible and I still mourn all of them, but healthy pregnancies DO occur even if you have had a loss. I firmly believe that my losses were because there was something seriously wrong and nature ran its course, and now that I'm expecting again it was meant to be this time. I think a little piece of you will always remember Emily, but try to focus on this new little bean and enjoy every second!
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    It is hard! I miscarried three times in a very short period of time (one at 12 weeks and the next two at 5 weeks). I am now unexpectedly pregnant again and am between 6 and 7 weeks (ultrasound yesterday showed a baby with a heart beat). I'm so happy to have made it past the 5 week point but I've still lost a baby after hearing a heart beat. I'm just doing my best to trust in the Lord.
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    I am there again. I have had 8 losses in the last 21 months which included 2 chemicals, 2 8 week losses and the other 6 between 4-5 weeks. My doctor finally saw a HB today at my 6 week u/s and we hope this firecracker sticks with us. All I can do is tell you keep busy and try yur best to keep positive. I know with the holidays it will help speed up time cause I watched the last 2 weeks speed by with preps for Thanksgiving and now we are getting things ready for christmas. I hope it blazes by you but how about you come on over to the DD room and hang with us. We would love to talk to you and keep up with you.


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    Sammilynn...I'm a stalker...sending good thoughts your way for sure!

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    Thank you all for all your thoughts! I appreciate your support and wish you all good luck with your pregnancies! I will place my due date as soon as I get one! The gestational sac was too little to measure last time! I am getting more pregnancy symptoms everyday.. so I am trying to be optimistic as possible. I know that I will always remember Emily, but I love this little one growing inside of me very much!

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