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    I have been using Aquaphor on Dd2 for her severe dry skin. But now its on her cheeks and forehead. It must itch cuz she's always rubbing at her face. How can I put aquaphor on there without her rubbing it into her eyes? Any tips?
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    We use chapstick for anything on the face first - you could really try anything that is for the lips, I would think. I think that would be a bit harder to get in her eyes. Also, still put some sort of lotion on there that is meant to last through a washing so it will really seal the moisture into the skin. We do that all the time and then just put vaseline or chapstick over it at night time when they aren't as likely to rub it off.

    Are you sure that it is just dry skin?
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    On my DD I usually put my moisturizer just because it's specifically for the face, and it's made for reeeeally dry, sensitive skin.

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    I found a Babyganics chapstick like thing I put on her cheek and nose. Helps, but not a whole lot.... we use Eucerin mostly and just lightly, and not near eyes. It is not that easy to get anything on her face in the first place so we try to use the thick stuff when we can.
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    When I put aquaphor on her forehead with a hat, it works and smoother her skin. But I can't get the stuff around her eyebrows and ears without her wiping it into her eyes. I'll try the chapstick tonight since we have some!
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    I prefer lanolin (the same one you put on cracked nipples while breastfeeding). It works wonders for my DD. I also alternate it with coconut oil as it has healing properties and absorbs right in.

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