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Thread: Tandem Nursing/Pumping tips too!

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    Default Tandem Nursing/Pumping tips too!

    Ok, well first I want to start getting tips on nursing the twins and secondly, originally we planned for me to be a SAHM and now with the issues with Govt. jobs (which my DH's is through) there is a possibility he will be cut. Currently we are holding our breath and praying that he at least makes it through mine and the twins hospitalization for the insurance at least...

    Anyway, plan B is for me to take 4 weeks paid, and a few weeks unpaid if need be and go back to work.. How am I going to do this? I pumped for DD2 through the first year, no issues, and had a little to spare but not an oversupply, how on earth am I going to pump enough for 2 if I have to go back to work? Honestly it is tearing me up thinking I am going to have to leave my babies, I do not dare tell DH that at this point, he is so stressed and upset thinking he can get laid off any day now...

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    No experience, but I know our bodies are made to produce milk. You will have 2x the stimulation to build your supply when the milk comes in and I think you body will adjust. I have pumped with both mine and I see my supply go up and down during growth spurts. But I think the most important time is the beginning to establish your milk supply. It is easier to get it up at the beginning that to try and build your supply months later. Good luck!

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    Try to remember the multiples room for some of your twin-specific questions also. It doesn't get a lot of traffic, but I think people tend to forget about it and we have a lot of experienced moms who breastfed multiples there. I don't always check out the other rooms, but if you post a question in the multiples room I will notice right away.

    It does take time and effort and commitment, but it can be done. I actually didn't have great supply, and managed to nurse, and pump when I was at work, through the twins' first year. When my singleton was born, I felt more experienced and capable and it was a little easier. I'm not sure that it was just because he was one baby, either.

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