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    Hello everyone! I just have a few questions for the mothers and/or ladies who have experienced something similar. To start off, I have never missed a period. Normally my period is any where from 30-35 days. I am now on day 38 going on 39. Please make note that I have NEVER gone this long. Pregnancy is an absolute possibility. I was doing research online on pregnancy and period symptoms. They are very much alike.. my symptoms.. sore nipples (they have been sore for over a week, it has never gone that long before), I do not know is this is relevant to pregnancy, but sometimes it feels like I started my period, but it just get wet down there.. (sorry.. tmi). A little over a couple weeks ago, I did have sex unprotected with my boyfriend more than once. It was also after I ovulated. Can you still get pregnant after you ovulate? How soon can I take a pregnancy test? I took one 4 days ago and it said negative.. but does that mean that it is really negative? Was it too soon to take one? And again.. A couple weeks from the time of testing is when I had unprotected sex. Please include any info and experiences you have with what I am going through. Thank you so much.

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    It depends on how long after you ovulated that you had sex. The egg is only viable 12-24 hours after ovulating. If you had sex a day or two before ovulation, then it is possible to get pregnant because sperm can live in the body for a few days. The sore nipples/breasts can certainly be a early sign of pregnancy, but it also can mean impending period. Mine always get sore 1-2 weeks before my period starts. If your test said negative, then it's more than likely accurate. If your period still hasn't started in the next week, I suggest you go see your Dr about it.

    Good luck!
    ~Jenn~ Mom to Ethan - my heart surgery survivor - born 6/29/09

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