So we celebrate Christmas in a secular way, and plan on teaching our daughter Santa is pretend. We plan on emphasizing the view that his story is about giving, which is what we celebrate this time of year, and that's why it is so important. I guess people view Santa as a "secular" part of the holiday but I'm not sure I agree. People believe in him and he is imaginary, so I see him as similar to the religious aspect of the holiday.

My question is this: what are some ways you celebrate Christmas in a secular way while emphasizing the importance of giving and having fun with the legend of Santa without trying to pretend he is real? Also, how do you explain/incorporate the Christian part of the holiday?

I'm just curious. Our child is very young but our family will be breaking new ground here as everyone else is Christian/believes Santa is real, etc. in our family and teaches their children the same. I guess I'm worried too about being around them as their kids grow and theirs believe and mine does not. How do some of you handle those situations?