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    I recently posted about questioning to take a test or not. I decided to
    Go a head instead of wait. BFN. Pretty upset. Although I was lacking many symptoms, I thought this was it. Any ideas of why I am over a week late and have no signs or symptoms of af?

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    Maybe you ovulated late? Do you know which day of your cycle you ovulated? Sorry about the BFN

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    I ovulated on the 11th and should have started on the 21st... we did the bd on 9th and 10th. We just started trying about 6 months ago. So at this point the only thing j am doing is a calendar. But.the let down has still hurt each 6 times! Any advice

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    If the only thing you are doing is a calendar, how are you sure you ovulated on the 11th? It's been my experience from being here in the TTC room that most women don't ovulate according to the calendar. It wasn't until I started testing and doing OPKs that I found out I ovulated later than I thought (except the cycle we got our BFP, and then it was 4 days earlier!). It's pretty easy to miss your O date if you're not temping or using OPKs.
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    Have you thought about charting so that you can exactly pinpoint your ovulation? offers and excellent free program and has tutorials. It really helped me out a lot especially when we were trying for our first. I am sorry about the BFN. Those are always so disappointing.

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    On average most not all but most will start their AF 14 dpo. You saying you should have started 10 after O which to me seems not a long enough luteal phase. It could be indicative that you do infact O later than you think, the calendar is only a guess as to when you might actually O might bring the key word. My SIL also thought that she O early in her cycle however when she finally started using Opk's she found that she didn't actually O til CD 23 of her cycles. She isn't the normal 28 day cycle person. I would invest in Opk's and try those to pin point your fertile days as previous posters already stated. GL Hun

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    Thanks for all your help. I have spent most of my life trying to prevent, so ttc is all new to me. I was hoping to be one of those easy cases that happens so flawlessly, however I see that not being an option!

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