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Thread: Anyone Doing IVF in December?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razrouz85 View Post
    In fact it is far more than this but my insurance covers half of ot..that's how we ended up with 2500
    The thing that is frustrating as i think is.. What if it failed?? Does that mean i throw all thr money and hopes?? This increases the stress..
    I'll keep you posted..pray for me dear..hugs
    that's great your insurance covers half of it. Good for you! Unfortunately, that money stress & frustration is just part of this whole thing. I would have dealt much better with infertility if it wasn't so darn expensive to have a baby with these methods. Over six years of trying for our first, I think we spent almost 100k, out of pocket, on tests, iuis, ivfs, meds, etc. if you start to focus on that, it can lead you to some bad places. The fact is unfortunately, we've been dealt this crazy hand of infertility that we have to work with. Other people have other issues in their lives. It's what you do with the bad stuff you're given that counts. And believe me, when your little ones does arrive, I bet you will appreciate him/ her that much more because of everything you went through to get pregnant. Saying a prayer for you. We're all here for you!

    Quote Originally Posted by akhiker View Post
    I hope you get great news tomorrow! Hopefully the follies are just slow to grow, but are picking up now. I've also been reading a lot that validates what your RE said, that they don't necessarily need high numbers of follies, and that lower numbers of follies usually yield higher quality eggs. It is so ridiculous what everyone charges for IVF and meds. That is why we've looked into Barbados...accredited clinic, half the price of an IVF cycle in the states (including a 2 week trip to the beach!).
    Omg, that's amazing? Ive heard of people traveling abroad to do this but ever knew of anyone who did that. Are you currently there now or will you be going there to do IVF? Sorry if you've already posted about this. I'm so curious. I hope you're right about the # of follies & quality. I've always been a low # girl, but never as low as 4. It has be sweating, I'll tell you that. But as long as ,my RE says I'm reacting well to the meds, I feel better and am more inclined to postpone for a better chance if she suggests it. I'll keep you posted!
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