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    Hi everyone! I had unprotected sex (withdrawal method) a couple of times late October/early November. I had what seemed like a period early-mid November, but it was earlier than usual and irregular. I generally have regular periods. I've been nauseous, light headed, more tired, and had some mood swings. My breasts also seem fuller and are more sensitive, and I don't typically notice any difference in them during the month. I did take a couple of hpt's, and they were negative. I'm not sure whether to trust that or check it out further given the fact hpt's can be inaccurate, and these symptoms are quite unusual for me. Too, I want to take proper steps health-wise if that's necessary (I'm a healthy person in general, but not completely baby-friendly). Any advice or experience would be appreciated!

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    How heavy your period? When did start and end? I suggest seeing a doctor to be sure. If its totally negative confirmed by a doctor or planned parenthood birth control pills or condoms would be ideal.

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    You're probably safe - probably just freaking yourself out because you're worried. If there was a AF-like bleeding involved, then you probably aren't pregnant. Also, the fact that you've shown negative on tests.
    That being said, there's still a slight chance because you have a good number of the early symptoms (which are also just easy to talk yourself into!)

    You really need to get on some BC - withdrawal is NOT a method and I'm sure you could find TONS of Moms on here that got pregnant that way...

    Best of luck

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