I love reading everyone's Xmas plans too!

Rachoochoo, everyone blew off my oldest daughter's 4th or 5th bday party-I was so upset for her. It broke her little heart. She is the most empathetic and caring person, (not child, person!!) I have ever met and she always cares about people's events and so I think it made her extra sad. Don't do that to kids people!! But I am sure you will make your baby's day special no matter what!

Krystal-cool house! Did you make it or buy it? I love to share pics too-seeing others especially! I used Photobucket for the first time the other day in a year or two and I wanted to throw my computer out the window by the end of the process! They changed a lot. Eventually I just hovered over the pic I wanted to edit in my library (I think) and there was a resize option at the top of the photo. I think the pic in my sig is the 300X200 option (whatever the exact numbers are). And I pasted the image code into my sig and when I previewed the pics were huge but about 30 mins later they were normal size. That is my least favorite thing about photo bucket, how long it takes for pics to become the right size.