Here is a list of what I've noticed over the past two or so months:
Nipples tender to touch
Washing my hair
Memory shortness
Heavy weight feeling in abdomen
Drinking more water
Taste a bit enhanced, smell too
Acne breakout
Lower back ashes
Vaginal secretions up then down
Difficulty sleeping
Constipation, but soft movements
Darker nipple color
Small drop from each breast, a little sticky and yellowish clear in color
Sleeping difficulties; pattern change

HPT all came back negative. Blood test came back negative. I can feel a small lump like toughness a couple or few inches below my belly button and above my pelvic bone. Doctor told me to continue to treat myself as if I am pregnant until symptoms go away and start prenatals. I have one child so far. All tests we negative with her as well until I was 17 weeks along. Washing my hair is very tiring because it seems that I can't keep my hands, arms above my head very long. This happened with my first pregnancy as well. Except for when I was pregnant with my daughter I have NEVER experienced swollen feeling tender breasts. It is mostly the nipples now, where yesterday it was the whole breast. A friend who has been pregnant 5 times and has a pregnant daughter felt my stomach and said it feels like I am. I will start the pills soon as I can, but I'm just so confused. There is a weight in my lower abdomen that I mostly feel in the shower. Any thoughts? The doctor did feel my abdomen and said it could be scarring occurring there and not a pregnancy, but to treat myself as if I am pregnant.