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Thread: PCOS work up- advice needed!

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    Question PCOS work up- advice needed!

    So I finally got my primary care office to start a real work up of my irregular cycles after initially being told that it was probably just me stressing, etc. and I would probably get pg soon. But with only one period that was the "normal" length over 1 year (most have been between 40-60 days) they started drawing some more labs. So far I have these results:

    LH: 11.7
    FSH: 4.4
    LH/FSH ratio: 2.66
    Testosterone: 27 (~18-70)
    Free testosterone: pending
    DHEAS: 138 (32-270)
    Prolactin: 6.6 (0.2-24.5)
    TSH: 2.1 (0.36-4.2)
    Random Glucose: 83 (70-99)

    I apparently do not look like a "typical" pcos pt, why they didn't start a real work up a few months ago My BMI is ~21-22, I do not have excessive acne or hair.

    So it looks to me like I have PCOS because I have oligomenorrhea and a LH/FSH ratio >2. But I am still waiting to hear back from the NP. They are waiting for my free testosterone, and maybe do an ultrasound, but I do not know if that is needed. What do you guys think?

    What has worked for you for treatment? For normal and thin PCOSers? I heard metformin works pretty well, even though it has yucky side effects.

    Oh, and when I called the office today to ask if they still wanted to do the trans-vaginal ultrasound or start medication, the nurse who I talked to for a few seconds called me "very anxious" Made me kinda mad bc I was totally calm and nice, and had these labs drawn almost a week ago, so I don't think it was crazy of me to call!
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    I wish I had some advice for you but I don't I am totally clueless about bloodwork and numbers. But there are a lot of mamas on here that can help! I just didn't want you to think no one was reading your post Good luck!
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    I am in the heathly weight category and had PCOS. I was on a low dose metformin. I did not have excessive hair or acne and my testosterone levels were low and I had regular cycles with regular ovulation but I would get bad cysts. After the metformin I wouldn't get them. I hope they find something that works for you.

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    I'm mad they called you very anxious!! That was rude!

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    Thanks ladies for your support! I hope I hear back from them soon (or maybe I will actually get anxious for real!! )

    Glad to hear metformin worked for you sammilynn. It sounds better than clomid.

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    Were these labs drawn on cycle day 3? If not, you can't compare the FSH to LH ratio. Your LH fluctuates naturally throughout your cycle and can only be compared with FSH on CD3. Looking at your charts, it appears you are ovulating with a normal luteal phase - which is more important than the length of your cycles each month.

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