I am a 25 yr old female, in a long term relationship, about 4 months ago my boyfriend and I decided to ditch condoms and just trust that I am on the pill (yes I know its not 100% safe, we are ok with that). We are not TTC, and 2 months I changed birth control from Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo to generic Ortho Tri Cyclen, which is called Trinessa. I have been on the Trinessa for 1 full month and I am half way through the second month, we did use condoms during the first month of Trinessa around the time I thought I would be "ovulating" if the pill did not take right away, I got my period on Nov. 8th, lasted until Nov. 11, everything was normal. This month (2nd month of Trinessa) I started my pack on Nov. 11, we did not use any condoms, had regular sex, then on Nov. 23, we had normal if not slightly rigorous sex, and I bled, like bright red mixed with various bodily fluids and yes my boyfriend does "finish" inside me. Since the 23rd, I have had pinkish discharge, not constant but often when I wipe and today there were a few spots on my panty liner.
Could this mean I am ovulating?
Or that I am pregnant?

I thought I had the beginnings of a yeast infection on the 21 of Nov. (very thick white discharge), but it went away by the next day.

I think that's the whole story, any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!