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Thread: Light spotting and pregnancy?

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    Default Light spotting and pregnancy?

    I am a little concerned. My period is due tomorrow (11/28/12), and I started spotting 5 days ago. When I say spotting I mean not bright red blood, but just pink stuff, which then went straight to brown. Not enough to fill a small panty liner but enough for me to notice. My breast were tender a few days before this happened, so I assumed I was having an early period. However, the cramping got more intense (like my usual mid-period, heavy bleeding stage of my cycle) but I never bled normally. Since then, the spotting has stopped and yet my breast and nipples especially are very tender, I am having hot flashes and no more cramps. Did I have a period? Or could I possibly be pregnant? Also, I am not on any birth control and my boyfriend and I did have unprotected sex throughout the month.

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    Have you taken a test yet? If not you should since your period is going to be late. You could be having a weird period though.

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    sounds like possible implantation bleeding

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    It could be an unusual period or you could be pregnant light bleeding can happen in early pregnancy but, its always wise to seek a professional opinion.

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    I had spotting with both of my pregnancies and AF like cramping with DD2. So could for sure be a pregnancy. You should test- but remember, if it was implantation bleeding, then you may not show positive on a test yet. You can go into the doc for blood work or just keep testing for the next couple of weeks. If I were you, I'd just avoid anything (alcohol, etc) that you aren't supposed to have during pregnancy to be careful until you know.

    Good luck!

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    i would test

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    At this point there is no way to know unless you take a test. If your period doesn't show and is late, you can for sure take a test and should get a reliable result. I have routinely spotted and cramped before AF and still got AF. With my son, I spotted and cramped as per usual and was pregnant.
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