Hello there,

I'm actually posting on behalf of my girlfriend, I've been getting a little worried lately and I'd like like to check whether my worries are legitimate or not

My question is whether or not it would be possible and what are the chances of being pregnant while on birth control and with regular periods? I haven't seen my girlfriend since the begging of September, that being the last time anything has happened with us.

At the time and since she's been on the pill and for the past three months since I haven't seen her shes still gotten her periods as she normally does. However I'm still worried. We don't use any other protection other than her pill however I'm careful never to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. So in all honesty there should be no reason for me to be worried.

However lately she's been feeling bad, headaches, though only at night and she seems very tired all the time. Also she doesn't eat too much, her reason being there's nothing to eat, a.k.a she doesn't like anything. All of this got me a bit paranoid. It could be because she has a very stressful schedule, but I don't know.

So like I said, given the circumstances, seeing as she's been on the pill before and since we've been together and she's had her periods normally, what are the chances of her having gotten pregnant? and should I really be worried or let it go?