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Thread: Feeling menstrual cramps after period has ended??

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    Default Feeling menstrual cramps after period has ended??


    My period came exactlly on time this month, and was normal as far as I could tell. The day after my period ended, I started geting these fairly sharp pains on the left side of my uterus. For about 2 days this pain would just come and go throughout the day, sometimes taking my breath away. I had decided that I would go to the doctor, but the next day it didn't happen at all. Well, both yesturday and today (So about 4 days after period ended..) I have been having what feels like normal pre-menstrual cramping. Nothing very painful, just dull and achy. I have also had a headache off and on for about a week now.

    I took a pregancy test today and it the result was negative.

    So I guess my question is, if this sounds like I could possibly be pregnant? I know this could also just be ovulation pain, but I can always feel when I am ovulating and it is always about 2 weeks after my period has ended.. not the day after. This cramping just feels different.

    I figure, if I am still feeling this way tomorrow, then I will try to see a doctor. It just has me wondering if I may be pregnant.

    Thank you!

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    There have been occasions when my period has ended and I had cramps on and off for a couple of days following. Sometimes our bodies do weird things but, its too early to know for sure if you are pregnant. Wait until you are late and test at that time or a week- two weeks late is the most accurate.

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