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Thread: Need Help! Nervous about the outcome!!

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    Exclamation Need Help! Nervous about the outcome!!

    My boyfriend and I had some 'fun', we are both still virgins and we just decided to have some fun, so he rubbed is penis on my vagina, NOT going in or anything, he didnt push or anything, and I am on the pill.. Any chance some pre-cum could of still made me pregnant? As i said, he didn't push in or anything, but i have heard that once cum is in that wet area, it does its business its self after that.. And once again I AM on the pill, just taking precautions and I'm stressing out and kind of nervous. Please help ASAP.

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    If you're on birth control and take it regularly chances are that you're not pregnant. If you and your boyfriend are going to engage in sexual activity though, he should probably wear a condom. Even if there is no penetration. Birth control isn't always fool proof.

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    You are mostly likely not pregnant using condoms would be wise also to prevent STDS even if you know your b/f its always best to be really careful.

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    If you are on the pill, and taking it correctly - meaning every day at the same time, then you should be fine. I agree with the others, having him wear a condom in the future would be a good idea.

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