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Thread: Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Cool Happy Thanksgiving!

    Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Hope your holiday was very special! My DH was away at work so my mom made the hour drive south to me and DH's family and we just went out to dinner(our thanksgiving dinner will be Saturday). Anyway, My mom and DH's mom attacked me about babies, kids, 'when are we having kids?', 'You shouldn't wait much longer'(I'm 23 people!), 'You should start buying stuff now for a baby', "did you and Gene-Paul discuss kids yet?'! Everything, 2 and a half hours of this! Then almost home in the car I started talking about headaches and how they are pretty severe sometimes and she asked if it was around the time of my period and I ALMOST said 'I Don't know, I haven't had one in a long time!' (they don't even know I'd of BCP, so my cycle should be exactly 28days) but I caught myself and said I wasn't sure. GAH! DH is so lucky to be at work!

    Thought I'd share my day, again, I hope everyone had a very amazing and fattening Thanksgiving!
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    Happy Thanksgiving!! Sorry everyone was giving you such a hard time. I know they're probably just excited but it's always better not to ask about those things I think. Hopefully your Thankgiving with DH will be better!

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    :Hugs: Ugh! That sounds rough I am sure she means well, but really! Good job keeping your cool. I just had to spend the last 2 days with babies and kids. It made DH and me sad that we don't have any of our own yet

    But good news I went to see my Nurse practitioner on Wednesday and she is initiating a work up for pcos, doing all the stuff in the article that I brought in.
    And she said if the results are negative they will probably send me to a gyn to further work up my irregular cycles. I am very thankful to be taken seriously!

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