I know this is totally insane, but less than two weeks on the foster/adopt list for 0-12 months and we got a 2 day old baby girl! Her name is Serenity, she is perfectly healthy and is beautiful! She eats wonderfully, she smells like a perfect newborn baby, and she even burps like a champ! We love her already of course!

I was at work today when I got a call over the PA that DH was on the phone. Scared me to death. I thought something was seriously wrong. For some reason this never crossed my mind though I don't know why. DH was like "Ummm we got called for a placement for a 2 day old baby!" I about passed out right there. I tried to call everyone back that I could at DSS but everyone was in meetings or at lunch! I was so afraid we'd miss out on getting her, but sure enough as soon as the kids were on the bus another call came over the PA for me and I went up to the office and they said to come to the DSS office to pick her up. Perfectly healthy and sweet as can be. We went straight there and brought her straight home and have just been in love with her since. Our case manager said "Remember that story I told you about why hate to tell you a wait time? Because just when I say no babies are available here one comes!" She was thrilled for us!

I'd love to post pics but I'm not sure if I can since we signed a confidentiality agreement and they said no facebook so I imagine since this is public they'd say no too but trust me, she's beautiful! Hasn't cried yet so I think she's waiting for our bedtime to start that.

Oh and we know next to nothing about her birth family situation at this time except that her mother is schizophrenic and is in the hospital still. She had some things for her but everything was too big for her and all of her blankets were dirty. They said it was a bad situation but that's all we were told. No idea yet how long she might stay but we'll treasure every moment!