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Thread: 2WW - Testing in Dec.

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    Default 2WW - Testing in Dec.

    Anyone else hoping to give someone the news of the gift of life this Christmas?
    I'll be testing Dec. 2nd! Can't wait, but effectively distracting myself with books, reruns & movies!
    FX for us all!

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    My 2ww is almost over! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a BFP this month to be able to tell our parents for Christmas. If this is not our month I have done a rough calculation and if my cycle doesn't go crazy again, I would be testing on Christmas Eve, which would be an awesome Christmas gift for DH and I. Hope you get your BFP!!!

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    Thanks, same to you! I'm trying to be optimistic, so if I don't get a BFP before Christmas, I will be looking forward to enjoying some Champagne on New Years Eve

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    FX crossed! I hope the wait goes by fast!! Praying you both get a bfp and the best gift of all to share for Christmas :-) !!!

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    Me me me!!! I'll be testing around the 14th of December! And we'll be in CA with our families for we will hopefully have more than just presents to give them! FX for all the other December testers!!
    ~Jenn~ Mom to Ethan - my heart surgery survivor - born 6/29/09

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    I put that I would test November 30th(my brother's birthday) but I may wait until December 1st or 2nd. Good luck to all and hope you get your BFP's!!!

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    I'll be testing around Dec. 19th!

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    I'm waiting now too!!! I believe i od last night. Not sure 100% but my cycles are crazy, the signs were there. I'm testing Dec 2 or 3! Good luck ladies, im praying for us all!!! Lets hope af doesn't come

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    I've been feeling my usual PMS symptoms lately, so my hopes are not high anymore.
    But b/c my cycles are short if AF doesn't come late I should be testing literally on Christmas day! lol Good luck to all the other ladies testing next month, and hope you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving, and didn't spend as much as I did on Black Friday (still re-cooperating).

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