So, my 4 year old DS is quiet and sweet most of the time. He's pretty much your normal 4 year old. Has his share of meltdowns, tantrums, and what not, but he is also a very loving, helpful child. Something happened yesterday morning that I can't shake. He had gotten up early and came in got in our bed. My husband asked him to move over, as did I, but he refused, so my DH scooted him over. He didn't like it. He got mad, got out of the bed and left. I saw him come back to our room, but I closed my eyes hoping to catch a little more sleep. I got that "somebody is staring at me feeling" so I opened my eyes and my DS standing there staring at me with his "mad face". I said something to him and he raised a play gun and was pointing it at me. I grabbed it from him and told him he never points a gun, real or pretend, at anybody. He just walked off. I was very disturbed by this and I'm not sure if it's "normal" or something I should be concerned with. He's not a violent child, very quiet actually when he's at school, and like I said, he has the usually toddler drama. I just can't get what happened out of my head and not sure if I should talk to his pedi or what? My DH said he's probably just getting it from tv. He's recently started watching mutant ninja turtles, but that's about as "violent" of a show that he watches.
Any advice or suggestions???