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Thread: If I start taking folic acid 12 days pre-conception is that sufficient, or should I wait to conceive?

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    Default If I start taking folic acid 12 days pre-conception is that sufficient, or should I wait to conceive?

    I would love an answer from a medical professional.

    I had a miscarriage in July. I already have a healthy 2 year old. My husband and I are finally ready to try to conceive again - I started taking my prenatal vitamin 3 days ago, and I started my period today. However - I'm reading in lots of places one should start taking folic acid 3 months before conception. Should we wait 3 months, or as long as I'm taking it now (could possibly get pregnant in 9 days, making it 12 days pre-conception I started) is that not enough? While we’re eager to get pregnant again, I want my baby to have the best start, so if I really need to wait to allow the folic acid to build up, I will. I’m just having a hard time finding research on whether it needs to build up in your system or if once you’re taking the vitamin there’s a sufficient store. Thanks!

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    Not a medical professional but have you always taken a multivitamin? Or is this new? All muti vitamins have folic acid in them. You also get it from food. I've been taking my vitamins for years along with extra folic acid. And I've had a miscarriage. Some things just can't be prevented. I would think youll be just fine. It's important for development and baby lives off its yolk sac for something like 8-9 weeks before the placenta kicks in and nourishment comes from you.

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    Also not a medical professional but I think it's just a suggestion to start taking folic acid 3 months (some articles I've read recommend a year before TTC) and not a hard rule. I wouldn't let that stop me from starting to TTC. Good luck!!

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    I'm also not a medical professional, but I think you're fine. What my doctor told me is that you really want the folic acid in your system as soon as possible because the neural tube starts forming right away - often before you even know you're pregnant. So, if you're taking the folic acid now and ready to start TTC, go to it! And good luck!! (I also know people who have relied on a healthy diet to provide folic acid. At my last OBGYN appt, my nurse practitioner told me that if I wanted to skip the supplements and go with diet alone, she thought I'd be totally fine. I've had problems with being allergic to vitamin supplements before.) Have fun!
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    Not a medical professional, but was advised by one, my MFM, to start taking it 3 months prior to TTC. It is especially important if you are AMA, which I am.

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