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    My first baby is due in April and I plan on taking 8 weeks FMLA. When can I reserve her a spot in daycare starting in June sometime? I prefer a licenced home daycare over a center. Two that I called already have waiting lists. I am going to stress about this till I find someone!

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    NOW!! I suggest getting on lists right now. We found that some of the best centers have year long waiting lists. I registered this baby at 10 weeks with my current center when we heard a heartbeat. It's crazy just how fast those spots go.

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    Yes, ITA - do not delay if you want to get the baby in someplace good!

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    The lady I talked to today looked at me like I had 2 heads when I asked what her availability is for June.

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    Like too close or too far away? Home daycares may be different. Mine is in a small, private center.

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    Like it was too far away. I had my heart set on the provider my niece goes to but she is at her max for children under school age. She said someone might start going to preschool then she would have space for me but who knows if that will happen. It really stinks because she is perfect! I guess that's probably the case with home daycares, none of them really know someone could drop off or sign up at any time.

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    June is the end of the school year though, so some kiddos might be finishing at day care for the summer, or moving up into toddler rooms, opening up spots. Would they entertain the idea of putting you on a list now, because you so very much want them?

    I always think everything happens for a reason....good luck!!
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