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    Unhappy Behavior

    Hello everyone,
    I'm new to this thread as well as to pregnancy. We found out that we were expecting about a month ago, she's at ten weeks now, and of course many feelings have come to mind. Fear, excitement, all the feelings that we were told we would experience, we have.

    I have been looking through the threads that are on here and really have not come across one to help explain some behaviors that, I and my pretty lady, have been experiencing.
    I understand the physical changes that she is going through, and have my best to help her with her fatigue and morning sickness as i could. Her emotional changes though i cannot seem to compute. One minute she seems to be the happiest woman in the world, next she seems to not care about a **** thing. Some of this ends up directed at me, especially recently.
    Her and I do not live together, which we may plan to change that around the due date of course, which seems to cause some frustration in its own. This past weekend she all of a sudden no longer wants to see me and told me that she would like raise the child on her own. Though she could not really give me a REAL explanation for any of this. Kind of blind sided me seriously, but of course since we don't live together i cannot get her to communicate with me. My friends were joking around with me about it, saying it had to be hormones because we were great around eachother all the time.

    Which led me to a search on this subject.
    First I'd like to ask for any advice some of you may have for dealing with the sitiuation, as well as any articles or threads that may help me understand her behavior and upcoming behavior.

    I'd like to thank you in advance for any help.
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