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Thread: I have vented about this here before...

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    Default I have vented about this here before...

    But how CRAZY does it drive you when adults don't listen to your kids???
    I am talking when they are playing around and the child says, "Stop" or "I don't like to be tickled." Things like that?
    It happens the most with one of my cousin's husbands. He's a good person. Happy go lucky. Loves to play with the kids, has three (almost grown) of his own. But he doesn't freaking listen to them when they tell him to stop (wrestling, tickling, throwing pillows, etc) Kai hates to be tickled and this guy is like, "Oh, come on! Everyone likes to be tickled!" and tickles him anyway!!! No everyone does not like to be tickled, Dude! And he's telling you straight up he doesn't like it. I feel like a police officer stepping in but I'm like, "He actually really doesn't like it, A. You gotta stop doing that."

    Also we were at the park the other day with the homeschool group and one of the dad's showed up just as Savana got a sliver. She does not do well with slivers. Girl can tolerate pain but a sliver makes her crazy. So I told the mom that right away and she sort of coralled the kids and everyone backed off but the Dad kept trying to crack jokes and make her laugh. Savana was like, "I don't like that! Please stop laughing at me!" And he didn't stop! Luckily I didn't have to say anything because the mom did right away but what the hell is with grown ups not listening to kids?? I know they think they are being funny and playful but we expect children to listen to us when we say we don't like something, right? SHouldn't it be common decency to do the same for them?

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    It drives me insane! I was a victim so to speak of that crap. I had family members who'd tickle me and annoy the hell out of me as a child until I was a teenager. My mom made hurtful jokes and if I spoke up she'd say "oh lighten up". I've been told a lot that I am too serious. If my son/ or daughter does not want to be tickled, hugged, kissed, teased, in any way or says "STOP" or "NO". No means no and it should be respected.

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    I hate that too. I have taught my kids to say "no" when they don't want some one to touch (tickle, etc) them. It is very hard to teach that when other adults don't respect it. I have had to step in on many occasions and say "We have taught our kids they can say "no" when they don't want some one else to tickle them. Please respect their decisions about their bodies being touched." I would say ticklers are probably the biggest offenders. I sometimes even have to remind my husband that the kids said No, please stop!

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