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    We are making our first daytime long trip (4-5 hours with just a short stop) tomorrow. Inthe past, we've done this with children in diapers, so it wasn't a big deal.

    Now, we have a child who is PTed. How do I handle this? Bathrooms in rest areas are disgusting. Do I bring Lysol wipes? DO I just bring a little seat? Do I bring anything?? I hate the idea of him sitting on a public toilet. Plus, he fears them.

    Also, any idea of how often I should make stops? DS doesnt usually tell us when he has to go until he HAS to go lol. He will be wearing his fleece underwear, so if he has an accident, that will help. I know we'll be making lots of stops for bathroom and jus to stretch, so I know it will take longer.

    ETA: also anyone have some entertainment ideas?? I also have a 21 month old. no dvd player or any kind of electronics
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