So I know this is a super strange or off the wall request. And please please please leave the fact that it centers around formula out

Onceuponatime, 7.5 years ago, I got a Similac diaper bag from the hospital when Keira was born. On that bag was a tag that had a bear loving on a blankie. Like this one:

About a year ago Scharae was having a rough day for some reason and I happened to have run across this tag in the bottom of some random box that I was unpacking *five years after moving*. I decided to try and distract her with it, and it worked. Since then she has been super attached to it. Like almost as attached as she is to her blankie. And this week it broke in two.

So, my request-does anyone have any tag like this laying around their house, even attached to a diaper bag which they may be willing to part with? Maybe mail to me? It would make her day to have that in her stocking for Christmas!