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Thread: Katrina & the other two moms of triplets did you see this?

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    Default Katrina & the other two moms of triplets did you see this?

    Katrina, I talk about you b/c I feel especially connected with you from all the years on here but, I know there are 2 other relatively active triplet momma members. I thought this was really neat & wanted to make sure you saw it!

    P.S. Katrina, just yesterday I was talking about going to Washington next summer to visit an aunt with hopes of meeting up with Katrina after taking a drive down to Oregon!
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    Wow...those are some big babies, and 37 weeks dang!!!

    I think a meet up would be so fun, I hope you call if you are near by

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    I saw this yesterday and was amazed! My singleton wouldn't have even been 7 lbs at 37 weeks. I can't even imagine just how HUGE her belly must have been!! And it said that she ate 6000 calories a day in order to get her babies to gain as much weight as possible, that is a lot of food!
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    Not a M.O.M. but, that is an amazing story so great they babies were almost full term and weight was good.

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    I saw this on the news today. She said she went through a dozen eggs a day!!

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    I saw this yesterday too! Amazing!

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