Well today we left at 5 am to get to the hossy for DD#1 (?Amber) eye surgery (both eyes to correct the lazy /crossed problem). All went well with the surgery. She was slow to come out of the anesthesia and puked a few times coming out of it so with that as a small delay she got discharged @ 11am. So we get to the car and load up and when I go to start the car it was running really bad all of a sudden. Luckily I already knew the issue by the way it was running since it happened before. So we left the hossy and were off to find the auto store where I had bought the parts previously and they were under life time warranty. So I found a location close to the hossy and we parked there and I took apart what I needed . Dh took the parts in (yes dh and the other kids were along also) along with my receipts showing the purchase with the life time warranty. They only had 1 of my coils in stock and I needed 2 and I also needed the coil bracket (distributor cap) Well the stupid woman refused to honor the warranty on the bracket. And took it back from my dh. So we went ahead and just got the one new coil and we bought a set of plugs. Put it all back together the car still running really bad. So we went to another location to get the other coil and the bracket. Next location had the other coil but not the bracket so we got the other new coil in and proceeded to drive 15 miles away to another location (mind you I only had 1 piston firing at this time) to the next location we got there took it all a part to get to the bracket Dh took that in and it was in stock and they honored the warranty with no problem So we put it all back together again And I had all 4 pistons firing and the car was running well. It just could have been easier if the woman at the very first location would have honored the warranty on the bracket in the first place It would have saved all the headaches and my poor DD who just had eye surgery alot of discomfort by her being able to get home sooner. The Kids had to endure high gas fumes while ridding to these different locations due to the car not firing with all pistons. It could have been worse though. We could have been stranded on the side of the road and had to be towed home but luckily I knew what was wrong and how to fix it and I already had the parts under life time warranty. Then not to mention the stress of the ttc thing and my recent loss and waiting on my cycle to return. Thanks for reading this vent.