Hi ladies,

I know you are all trying to adopt and i hope this doesn't offend anyone but hoping for some advice.

I am currently pregnant and i have been considering adoption because the father and i are not on really good terms. I am 25 and i have taken care of myself since i was 17. Financially it would be really hard but its possible.

I am really considering adoption because i did not grow up in a split home and i have always told myself that i refuse to bring a child into a split home. After all this child didnt ask to be brought into this world. I am trying to think of the best thing for this child.

My problem is that my parents and his mom are so excited. My grandmother gave her first born up for adoption and she regretted ever sense and i know that my parents and my grandma wouldnt understand that i am trying to think of the best interest of the child.

Do any of you wonderful ladies have any suggestions on how to talk to my parents and my grandma about this?