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Thread: Dry nipples.

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    Default Dry nipples.

    I've been having issues with dry and cracking nipples since I got pregnant. I tried lanolin and its doesn't help a whole bunch! Any suggestions?

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    Owie. Could it be your soap or body wash? I'd also try something like eucerin.

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    I have to use Lanolin every.single.time I pump (I have to Exclusively pump), or else my right nipple is rubbed raw, cracked, and bleeding. Pressed olive oil also helps with dryness throughout the day.

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    I like nipple butter if they are dry, lanolin for cracks. I also agree with pp about soaps. Try to not get any soap on them in the shower.
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    Bag balm is amazing for dry skin. Shea butter (pure 100% raw) works well too.

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