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Thread: Speak up about bad referrals.

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    Default Speak up about bad referrals.

    I have noticed that sometimes when healthcare providers refer a patient to some other specialist and that specialist does something suspect, the patient often never mentions it to their healthcare provider. Please don't be afraid to say something. As a doula, I refer people to people who specialize in various things because they are people who I have networked with and who other clients have had positive things to say about them. I'd want to know if those specialists are doing something or saying something that makes my clients uncomfortable so I can help them find a better fit. For example, when I was pregnant with my 5th, I had an amniotic band. So I was referred to a perinatologist for observation. Twice the doctor misread my ultrasounds and presented me with very concerning information without any preparation or thorough investigation. I was absolutely distraught both times and was not given any compassion or apology after the mistake was realized. When my doctor referred me to the same perinatologist with my next pregnancy, I finally told him about what happened, and he said he was grateful to know what had happened because they refer so many people there and he needed to know if they weren't treating patients well. The second MFM I was referred to told me that I would be required to go on bedrest at 28 weeks regardless if there were complications because he required it of all multiples moms. He also said that he would recommend a c-section since all multiples should be born that way, and he gave me a hard time for having other kids at home and no family nearby for the mandatory bedrest. I immediately called my regular healthcare provider and told him what transpired and was referred to a 3rd MFM who was much more evidence based and took a more individualistic approach. Just today, I hear of a woman's diabetes counselor telling her she will need a c-section or her baby will probably have his shoulder dislocated. This is so far outside scope of practice not to mention it's not evidence based information. If you are being referred and find yourself uncomfortable with recommendations or are treated poorly, tell your doctor or midwife. They don't know unless you speak up, and you could help future patients avoid the same poor treatment. That concludes my PSA for today.
    Mary Jane, doula and mom of Vada, Brynna, Tea, Moira, Kyan, Ambria, Aslan, and Anakin.
    “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” ~ Dr. Seuss

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    Very good point! We all need to be empowered to advocate for ourselves, and not be intimidated by medical professionals. Medicine can be an art more than a science, and it is not absolute by any means. Thanks for sharing.
    Me (34), DH (36), DS1, DS2 & 1 Angel (1/17/2012)

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    Thank you for posting this! I agree, we all need to stand up for ourselves and be our own advocate. It's important to share both the good and bad experiences to help each other!

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