This may be hard to sorry bout that......but I need to get it off my chest...........{Begin rant}

I am a nurse and I work in the psychiatric field. The last two days for me have not been fun at work.

I have a coworker that is irritating the crap out of me. She was my "mentor" when I started, and since I got off of orientation OVER A YEAR AGO.....she continues to tell me what I am doing wrong and rarely tells me what I am doing right.

Yesterday my supervisor answers the phone and tells me to take the call. I do. I get the info, call the doctor, doctor accepts the patient, I tell my supervisor that the doctor accepts. My coworker (whom I will now refer to as C) starts telling me that I didn't do it right, and that I should know better than to do what I did, and goes on and on about it. I ask her to stop talking (because it has already been a bad day and she isn't my supervisor, and therefore she has no right to chew me out) and she proceeds to tell me that she can say whatever she wants..........

Today I go in, talk to my director (who is above my supervisor) about the previous night, and I am told I did nothing wrong. I continue my day and pretend nothing has happened (I don't tell C to go fly a kite). Another coworker came in later in the day (D) and tells me that after I left the previous night, C mentioned that she believes I am depressed because I have not been able to get pregnant (true) and that since she herself has had 3 miscarriages and was never able to have a child, it is upsetting to her to have me talk about wanting kids.

Backtrack here for just a second....

Yesterday I was having a poor me day, feeling like giving up on wanting to have kids, even though my DH's test results aren't back. One of my supervisors (M) used to be an infertility nurse, and had been working in that field for years and years, had told me that whenever I had questions, I could ask her about them. M and I were talking about my issues, the fact that I wasn't sleeping, the fact that I felt angry and upset and frustrated. I work in a very stressful environment and everyone is entitled to have bad days. Every day we tell people not to hold things in, that talking about it usually makes you feel better. Yesterday I needed to talk, and M was concerned, and had a moment to talk.

There are two rooms at my nurses station. I was talking to M in the back room, and I guess C and D were in the other room, and overheard what was said. (Not really an issue, because the people I work with already know a lot about the issues I am going through) I felt better after taking to M....and went on about my day. After this conversation with M is when the issue with C came up.

So, apparently C is the only one to ever gone through infertility, and because I am having similar issues, she is upset about that.

Whatever. I am done allowing her to bring me down. (Now if I can only continue to tell myself that and keep to it.) I hope that if I never have children and become her age (she is nearly twice my age) and I find out that someone I work with is going through the same issues as me......I will never treat her the way C has treated me. I hope that I will find the compassion to allow her to have her own feelings and not make her day harder just because she is going though some tough times............
{End rant}