We turned in the last of our paperwork again and we are officially all done and are foster parents and an open home! Yay! I guess last week when they said we were on the emergency list they just meant that we were emergency approved meaning that we were on the list but our approval was temporary until they got our final paperwork. Since they got it today though we're all good. Our case manager took us around the office and introduced us to the foster care manager and some of the social workers. She said it would help them to put a name with a face. She bragged on us and told them how ready we were. They were all very impressed that the room is done, the baby gates up, and that we have bottles a stroller, etc. We also now have a car seat and a high chair. So we have everything we'll need to get started. They said that while our range is small that you just never know and they'll do what they can to help us. One of the social workers was running by in a hurry and she said "I'm going to get you a baby!" That made me feel good. They said she's one of the best they've ever had and she's been doing it a long time and that she's great about getting kids who really need it to safe places and out of bad situations so that's good.

Now all we can do is wait. Hopefully it won't take too long but we're trying to be ready for anything. We've done all we can for now though. I just hope I don't go insane while waiting. Lol. Everyone wants us to get a placement before Christmas which I admit would be wonderful, but I highly doubt will happen. So we'll see. I'll update when things change. Thanks so much for the support everyone and for all of the suggestions. It all helped so much and having the house ready was a big hit with everyone at DSS.