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Thread: Question for all you experienced ladies...

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    Smile Question for all you experienced ladies...

    This is my seventh pregnancy so I know how things usually go. Normally I get nausea starting 6 to 7 weeks and it goes ALL the way to delivery. This time however I started feeling that lovely feeling even before I knew I was expecting, somewhere around 3 weeks. Also I tested right at 4 weeks and it was an instant dark line. I am 5 weeks now and am starting to feel pretty tight in my pants. Don't think I've gained weight at all. Any way to make a long story longer, did this happen with anyone??? Did any of your multiples pregnancies start the symptoms early? Thanks so much!

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    I was in maternity pants by like the 8th week! My first pregnancy so I can't say compared to others though

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    Yes. With my twins, I had started with morning sickness about a week before I missed my period. I thought I had a stomach bug because the kids did, but they got well and I was still throwing up. I took a pregnancy test completely expecting a negative since I hadn't had AF yet and I hadn't dtd when I should have been ovulating. I was totally shocked when it came up positive. I was wearing maternity pants by 6-8 weeks. I never expected to be pregnant with multiples though as we didn't have history on either side of our family. I was still shocked. Dh wasn't the least bit surprised. I wish he had told me he suspected twins because I was totally taken by surprise. Your chance of conceiving multiples goes up if you've had 4 or more pregnancies.
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    I don't have other pregnancies to compare with but it seemed like my symptoms were much more mild than lots of the ladies in my apa birthroom, who were pregnant with singletons. I think that, generally it can go either way but you would know how your body reacts to pregnancy so I would bet on your intuition. Congratulations!
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    Thanks, I guess I'll just have to wait till I see the midwife in 1 1/2 wks : )

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    My symptoms got progressively earlier and more severe with each pregnancy, so finally my last singleton was more symptomatic than my twin pregnancy, but I do know people who describe their twin pregnancies like yours. My aunt, who had identical twins 25 years ago with her first pregnancy, thought she was having twins the whole time and was pooh-poohed by her doctor and told that women suspect that a lot. Her doctor was surprised when she gave birth, but she was not. So obviously women can know their own bodies pretty well.

    Congratulations, and looking forward to hearing your results!

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    Nope, It felt just like my other pregnancies in the very begining, and I wasn't in Maternity pants until about 12 weeks. But I did have a felling that it was twins, that I just kept brushing off as me being crazy, until I had my first u/s, lol!

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    My line was super dark at 10dpo, and I popped really early with my twins.

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    Default Twins it is/was

    I went in a week ago and they saw 2sacks no babies. She said it was a double blighted ovum. Went back yesterday and there was a baby and h/b. My uterus is much larger for date than it should be and hcg's are pretty high too. the other sack might have shrunk she said but when I got home and looked at the ultra sound pics there is definitely something in there. It sort of looks like sludge at the bottom of the sack but my uterus is heart shaped and it could be hiding still or it might be molar or something. I really hate waiting! Sigh

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    I am sorry you are having to wait. KUP Good luck!

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