Hi, I apologize in advance that this is very long.

My girlfriend is on Birth Control (Loestrin 1.5/30) and takes it everyday at the same time, never forgets a pill. She had her last normal period on Oct 2nd, lasting to Oct 6th. She started her BC pack on Sunday Oct 7th as normal. We had unprotected sex on Tuesday Oct 9, Oct 11, 13, and 14. I did pull out on all of those and did not ejaculate inside her. Those were the only times this month we had sex. On Oct 15th, she had some unexpected bleeding, enough that she needed to use a tampon. She said it was enough to fill about 2/3 of the tampon. This bleeding happened every other day through that week (So she had light bleeding on Oct 15th, 17th, and 19th). Friday Oct 19th was the last day of it and it stopped.

On the night of Friday the 19th and 20th, she told me she had been urinating a little more frequently. She said it wasn't painful, but attributed it to a possible small UTI. By my count, she was only peeing about 6-7 times a day, which is about average for me too.

She started her placebo pills on Sunday Oct 28th, and we normally expect the period the Tuesday to Thursday following. No period came. No cramps or anything. She did start to develop some unusual painful sinus pressure under her right eye, and her eyes and sinuses would drain in the morning. This has persisted to today. On Nov 8th, she said she had some cramps, but no bleeding. On Nov 9th she said her nipples were a little sore. Just her nipples, her breasts were normal.

I asked her today, Nov 10th, if she was still urinating frequently. She said she felt like it hadnt changed. She said sometimes she will feel like she has to go bad, but then not much comes out. She also said shes had some mild nausea the past few weeks, comes and goes, but nothing really bad.

We are probably going to take a HPT within the next day. But we wanted to get others opinions. We figured missing your period on BC has got to be something unusual. We are pretty worried as we are not in a position to have a baby, and we figured we were being pretty good with her taking the pill everyday ontime, and me not ejaculating in her. (I know I know, theres still a possibility anytime you have sex)

Little Extra Background Info: Shes 21. She has typically regular periods. There was one period in June/July, where she got a really bad one, heavy cramps and bleeding, and then had another period just 2 weeks later again. All of this was on the Birth Control. Periods have been normal since then.

We are just really confused. With the light mid cycle bleeding just a week after she ended her period, and everything else. We have not had sex since Oct 14th since we were pretty confused with the mid cycle bleeding. Was that mid cycle bleeding another period? And maybe we should expect the next one on around Nov 12th? Ive read about the implantation bleeding and such, but everywhere says that it usually occurs a few days to a week before your period is expected, not 2 weeks before. By my count, shes 40 days since her last period started, and about 11 days late from when we expected her period. Any help is greatly appreciated!