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Thread: Could I be pregnant from humping ?

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    Default Could I be pregnant from humping ?

    We were humping without clothes on but there was no penetration at all . He was behind me when this happened , and there was no ejaculation but probably abit of the pre-ejaculation . Could I get pregnant from this ? Is there a high chance ? It was a few days before expected period but my period hasn't come yet. Help please

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    There is always a chance of pregnancy when there are no barriers between a man and woman. However, considering this occurred just a few days prior to your expected period: the chances of pregnancy are slim. This is because the average female (not all) tend to release an egg (ovulate) about 2 weeks or so before the expected period.

    My guess is that you probably have a missed period due to stress of some sort. I wouldn't worry too much if I were you; but if your period is more than a week or two late,, you may want to contact your doctor.

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