Here in CA we just voted on Prop. 37, for labeling GMO products. It failed. Even though the proposed law was a little flawed, it was a good start. What was very telling, in the end, was who donated money against the measure. I've been seeing a lot of information on the backers of "No on 37," and was surprised to learn that some of the supposedly small organic food producers whose products I buy are, in fact, owned by large corporations who do NOT have consumers' , or the planet's, best interests at heart. I thought I'd share some of the lists here so that if you were still not always reading the fine print, like I was, you'll know who you might want to avoid. (Some of these brands, like Silk and Kashi, are GMO-free and organic themselves, but are owned by parent corporations that use GM crops in their other products.) (this one is an easy to read infographic poster)

I didn't know, for example, that Cascadian Farms and Muir Glen are owned by General Mills.
I already make a lot of our food from scratch, but had been getting lazy the last few months as I've been dealing with ongoing health issues. I'm frustrated that some of the brands I've relied on are funneling money into Big Ag.