We had our PRIDE training today and some of the first words our CM told us was that our CPS reports came back! Yay! A good month earlier than we expected! That was really all we were waiting on to be on a list. So as of right now we're on the emergency list, and next week once I turn in my physical we'll be on the regular list. We're so excited and can't believe how quickly it's all happened! I hope so so so bad that things work out the way that they're supposed to.

We got some very encouraging information about the standard situations in this county. She said almost all of the kids that go into foster care, at any age, become adopted by their foster parents. She said that visitation isn't a huge worry because it's all done the same way. Unless it's a young mother, who's really trying hard to get their child back, they just want you to bring the child to the visitation and drop them off then come back and hour later to pick them up. It's a supervised visit with the social worker but I think they like to give the parent(s) some time with the kids without the tension. Things can chance as time goes on if it's a good situation or they're open to meeting foster parents but if they're concerned about tension they recommend you not be there the whole time.

It seems like there is a lot of support and they really want everything to succeed in the best way possible. It's all very positive and upbeat and isn't pushy at all which I appreciate. Our CM has had foster children before, has had a domestic adoption fall through after they had the baby for a while, and used to have a home for troubled teens. So I think she gets it more than most. She said when she meets couples who have struggled with infertility who are ready like we are she just wants to go grab a baby up that needs a home and bring it right over because she understands the feeling.

She also indicated that we're probably the next ones they'll look to for a child in our range because there are only two couples right now looking for a child in that range and they aren't quite ready yet. And she was very impressed with the baby's room being totally ready and us having the baby gates up and the child locks ready and all of that stuff. She said we're a lot more prepared than most and that she was going to put that into our home study. She said she's very excited for us and she knows we'll be great and that makes me feel so much better.

Also she said if a child comes to us in the middle of the night, they won't come with much but if they come during they day they buy diapers, formula, bottles, and clothes first. So that's good to know. Overall we feel very encouraged by our training and home visit today and are really hoping that we can have a child in our home that we can care for and love very very soon!