A little background first... A nurse that I work with has 2 boys, and they have a friend. This friend is 9 years old, and spends a lot of time at their house. He was spending the weekend with this family a couple of months ago, and his father got deported to Mexico (after being arrested for physical abuse against the boy's mom) and his mom became homeless (with this boy's 7yo brother and 3yo sister). So, my nurse-friend got permission from the mother to let the boy stay with her and her family until their living situation can be straightened out. I guess this boy usually babysits his younger siblings while his mom is at the bar. His mom and he are illegal immigrants, but his 2 younger siblings were born in the USA. He's super cute, is a great student, and loves playing on their football team.

Well, the mom says that she just wants what is best for him, and he doesn't want to go home. To put him in the foster system would probably get him and his mom deported (who knows what would happen to his 2 younger US-citizen siblings), and CPS has already been called on this family a few times.

This situation is super messy, and the nurse said that is mom is considering adoption, but the nurse already has a full house and can't take him permanently. Their first step is to seek legal counsel to see how they can make him a legal citizen, and then to see if the mom can stabilize her life (of course keeping him with his family should be the goal, but might not be best in this situation). After that, adoption might become a reality for this boy...and I told the nurse to keep DH and I in mind if it comes to this! I have no idea where this will go, but it just seems oddly right.

But like I said, who knows, I'm definitely not trying to push anything, just making ourselves open and available to this crazy situation (or any others that present themselves in the future). It has got me thinking about entering the foster system again. There are no foster families in our county, and I've heard that it is a pretty easy process here because there is such a need. Who knows how this will turn out...but it feels like a breath of fresh air in the middle of all this disappointment and heartache.