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    I am going on three days late now, and I have gotten the dots on my nipples, sometimes they are very visible and others not. They have also been pretty sore. I've toke 2 at home tests and both came out negative but I feel like that's wrong. My back also hurts and I'm irritable. Frequent urrination, gasy, and i almost got suck this morning. Please help, I went to hospital and got a test only i peed in a cup and it was negative but they also said it could be to early?

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    I agree. You are only 3 days late, and depending how regular your cycle is... you may have to wait up to a week longer before you see that BFP. Sucks that so many of the pregnancy symptoms can also give a heads up on AF. I say, wait a week then take another test... remember to use FMU (first morning urine) because it is the strongest and most likely to show accurate results.

    Keep in mind, if at any time you question the reliability of the urine test... you can request a blood test.

    Good luck!

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    Wait it out for a few days and retest and AF doesn't show up with a - then see a doctor!!!

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