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Thread: Birth Control Effecting Ovulation

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    I am twenty years old. I just started taking birth control mainly to help maintain my horrible PMS symptoms. I started the pill on August 27th of this year (2012) and continued through the first week of September. I stopped after the first 10 pills due to the side effects. I then got a new pill prescribed by my doctor, and began taking it on the 26th of September when my real period began (after I had been off the pill for a couple weeks). I took the pill just about every day all through October, and then stopped when it came time to take the inactive pills. Instead, I didn’t take any inavtive pills and waited for my period to start so I could begin a new pack. Once my period started, I took about 4 pills of the new pack, but decided to stop due to symptoms returning. When I stopped, naturally my body went through withdrawal bleeding for a couple days.
    *I know these symptoms are not from pregnancy, they’re just my body reacting to the pill.
    I haven’t been taking any sort of pill since October 29th, and I have been sexually active around 7 times since the 29th through today, without using any other sort of birth control. I know that taking the pill is what stops my body form ovulating, but I have also heard that the body tends to cease ovulation due to the constant intake of hormones. And, until you have been pill free for a while, your body won't ovulate for about a month or so. I am just curious as to what the chances are that my body has or will ovulate again before I start my new pill in December. Getting pregnant wouldn’t at all be an issue, seeing as I am mainly taking the pill due to severe PMS symptoms, not so much to prevent pregnancy. I would just like to know my chances of ovulation due to my inconsistent intake of the pill. Thank you very much for your input in advance.

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    Some women immediately go back to normal menstrual cycles. So, you can really ovulate at any time after stopping the pills (or missing pills).
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    That's what I've heard the most. Thank you for your input

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    Its different for everyone. Some people ovulate immediately after going off of the pill or missing pills (I did), others it takes a few months. Best of luck!

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    After I got off the pill 8 months ago, I am still not O'ing even after some mild fertility meds, I have now been sent to a specialist. However, I took BCP since I was 17 so it's been almost 7 years that I was on BCP with only missing a pill once in a blue moon so it was a religion for me!

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