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    So I know that most of you are probably new so you don't know who I am but I have been a member here for years. I had a baby 18 months ago that was diagnosed with down syndrome (cutest guy ever) he is the youngest of seven children that I have given birth to. After he was born I got my tubes tied. The last few days I have had the infamous sore tingling breasts that I have only ever had while I was pregnant and a little spotting for a day which I thought was strange. Having these weird things happen I thought well I'm just going to poas just to put my mind at ease.

    This is what I got that photo was taken while I was still sitting on the pot is it possible being a blue dye test that it is inaccurate?

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    Here's another one with no filter

    And of course the invert pic

    I really think it must just be a fluke because of my tubes being tied it's not possible...right?

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    Ooooops they are pretty little can't see much sorry

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    Blue dye tests are notorious for being false positives. Go get a pink FRER. Not to scare you but this totally possible. You might want to call your healthcare provider and let them know as you are at an increased risk for a tubal pregnancy.

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    I agree with her... try a different test. But, I should warn you, my aunt had 2 children while here tubes were tied... and my sister is the recent example of pregnancy while tubes are tied. If you don't wish to get pregnant anymore, I am sure yuour doctor can give you some choices that would better fit your needs. Best of luck and I hope your results are what makes you happiest!

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    Well I will say that I'm not super worried about it I have seven kids and every time I have tried to prevent pregnancy it has worked no failures. I'm pretty sure it's just a faulty blue dye test. I bought a frer and will wait until morning to test again. Thanks ladies.

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    I would go ahead and call your dr and get checked for a tubal pregnancy. I'm about to get mine tied and my dr told me if afterwards I have any pregnancy symptoms with a positive pregnancy test to go in immediately.

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    Yeah i agree with PP - I'd test again to be sure and then go get checked out. You don't want a tubal, that could be really dangerous for you.

    DH had a vasectomy and even with the "all clear" that it worked (he was rechecked after a couple of months) they STILL said there was a very slight risk of pregnancy. I don't think anything (besides not DTD) is 100% in reality.

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    Get checked out asap. I had my tubes tied and my gyno said to get checked if I ever thought I was pregnant.

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