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    I'm in 7th month of 2nd pregnancy (older child: doughter - 9 y.o.) and I have to use mobility scooter to go outside. How can I explain this fact, this situaction to my little doughter ? How can I explain her that I everywher will scoot and she must walk by herself ? And what if we (she and I) will go shopping ? She must carry all bags ('cos I'll be on mobility scooter) ? How explain it to her ? What do you think about playing princces: I'm dressed in pretty prinesess' gown on scooter ?
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    I think the scooter will be easier to explain than you might think. By now she has probably already seen other adults who have had to use some kinds of assistive devices for moving around, whether they are wheelchairs or canes or scooters. I would remind her of other times she has seen people who need them, tell her you need to use it and why (giving the level of detail appropriate for her age and understanding), and emphasize that it's only temporary if it is.

    If you want to play dress-up with pretty princess dresses, I would suggest not doing it with the scooter unless you are inside and not planning on going anywhere. For one thing, the dresses are usually pretty long and could get caught in the wheels or other moving parts, making it a safety hazard. For another thing, if you are playing with your daughter, she might have a harder time staying with you if you are zipping around on your scooter and she is trying to run after you while wearing a long princess dress.

    Finally, many scooters have a little basket to carry some bags, so you don't have to expect your daughter to carry the shopping for you. If grocery shopping, most stores will help you. If shopping together is a bonding activity you share and don't want to lose, I would try to continue but minimize any extraordinary effort on her part. Otherwise, I would try to do as much shopping by internet as possible.

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