I'm 18 years old. My first day of my last period was September 18th. My husband pulled out when we had sex on the 5th and 6th, but not the 7th. I'm not regular but I'm not crazy irregular either. My period is consistent unless I have sex close to my period date, then it may be a week late at max. I never know the exact day I'm going to ovulate but I'm assuming my cycle is anywhere from 29-32 days since it's usually on the exact same day every month. I always cramp a bit and have discharge when I ovulate so I'm always aware of it when it happens. I was expecting to ovulate around the 2nd or 3rd but I didn't. I felt a little crampy the days we had sex but I wasn't focusing on my body since my husband is in the army and would only be home a couple days to marry me. Since then, these are my symptoms.

Missed period
Cramping for the past 4 weeks. However, for a couple days my lower right side cramping was more intense. That's gone away. Now back to regular cramping.
Discharge for the past 3 weeks
Nipples were sore for a couple of days then went away and now they seem okay
Heartburn and nausea for 2 weeks, now my entire abdominal area feels gross. A bit nauseous sometimes but it's mostly a "sick" sensation that I feel from my pelvis to my stomach.
Had diarrhea for a couple days 2 weeks ago, since then I've been constipated.
I feel disgusting every time I eat something. My appetite doesn't kick in until around 12 pm and I'm starving by the time 12 am gets around. I could eat my entire refigerator at night :/
Urinating every hour to 3 hours. Sometimes I go a couple times in one hour.
Had constant headaches for a couple days, also went away. Now it just feels a little achy every now and then
My husband says I'm very moody and grouchy.
Nose has been a bit stuffed up and sneezing a lot for the past week or two
Gas, which is consistently getting worse with my constipation, but not unbearable. Is the worst at night.
I had the idea randomly to eat a pickle to soothe my stomach. Don't know why, it just came to me. I'm not a huge fan of sour stuff. But the moment I opened the jar I began to salivate like crazy. Now I've eaten two jars in the past few days.
Very tired all the time. So much my eyes are usually burning.
My sleep schedule is backwards. I can't sleep until around 2-4 am.

However, with all this, I've been getting negative urine tests. Should I wait until my period is supposed to come? Or should I just go ahead and get a blood test done? Do you personally think I could be pregnant? I have a friend who didn't show up positive on a pregnancy test until she was 12 weeks. Blood test was confirmed at 6 weeks. I let go of the idea after the first pregnancy test came out negative but my symptoms are still there. I'm just confused because my body has never been like this.