I have a post in TTC-

I am 22dpo and no AF yet.
My body temp feels like it must have dropped. My hands and feet are always freezing unless im cuddled up in bed. Heartburn has become an everyday thing as of the last week and a half. Normally, I have lower tummy cramps right before AF; but this time I have no cramps... Here's where it gets weird. The 3 days I was expecting AF- I was greeted with an excess for watery CM.

I can pass off the no cramps to being lucky. The heartburn to maybe what I had eaten... and the temp change to the drop in temp outside (although central air makes that a little less likely). But the watery cm doesnt make sense... Normally its milky-ish and cream like before AF.

I will be POASing on Wednesday.. but I am unsure.... ya know?