I'm 27 years old. My fiance and I are getting married next month. For about a month and a half now we've been TTC. I know, it's not long. Some people try for years. So, I'm not getting my hopes up or stressing. Mainly because I'm worried about stressing him out. At any rate, here's my situation...

My period started on the 25th of October, but it was weird as all...well, you know. For one, I never get anything other than a heavy start. It lasts for about a day and half and then lightens out. It's always BRIGHT red. For two, I always get cramps RIGHT when I start to bleed. I'm always on time too. Never late and never early. I'm very 'normal', by the book, as far as my body is concerned with my bloody habits. It has been since I was 14 with the exception on a one week period where it last and was heavy. I was about 15 then. Other that? Always normal, always 3 days. THIS TIME?

I started with brown old blood. It did that for almost a whole day on the 25th; then, on the 26th it got heavy and I got late cramps. My fiance said I wasn't moody at all and I'm always moody. No moody this time. It stayed heavy for a about a day. Then it it was still red but... it was SUPER light the 27th and stopped halfway through the day. My timing on this could be off in my head, but I know my period came early, I know it was heavy for one day, and I know it stopped way earlier than usual.

I took a two days ago and it came back negative (i used clear blue nondig). I waited and took one today first thing when I got up. Still negative.

Now, here's the thing... I've not had extreme symptoms. But, I haven't been myself either.

For one, I've been having back cramps. When I get even a little hungry they spread to my abdomen. Last night I had phantom pain in my mouth, like where my teeth had been pulled. It would go and come until I fell asleep. My breasts feel larger and my nipples look bigger; however, this could just be me seeing things. Who knows?

I know it's not impossible... but I need input and people to talk to. I'd ask my mother, but I don't a lot of people knowing we're TTC. I don't want to get their hopes up and it not pan out. I want to surprise everyone.

Any help or advice it appreciated.