I feel like I've asked this a million times in different ways but the last few days have been SO hard. Now that we're about to have our last home visit and our PRIDE class we're trying to get the house sort of ready to show progress for our last visit. As far as I know there were no specific requirements for this visit but we think we need to do as much as possible to show that we're ready and to make a good impression. So we've been running around trying to get things done, but we're still recovering from my summer off of work after the miscarriage and I'm only getting monthly paychecks right now so we're low on money to need so many things.

We did get a crib for free from DH's cousin and I got a few things at a sale like crib sheets, blankets, etc. We're getting a few more things from DH's aunt who has a little one who just turned two, and is getting rid of a few things. We still need a car seat, stroller, some sippy cups, and some bottles. Do different kinds of bottles really matter? There are some brand new just basic 8 oz. bottles at a local consignment store that are only $2. And there are three of them. I figure that'd be all we need to start out. I'm going with my mom this weekend to get a few items of clothing to get us started out.

I just feel like I'm putting all of my nervous energy into getting things ready. We're in a rural area and our closest target and walmart are 20 miles away so we can't make a quick run if we need to really. So I want to at least have enough to get us through the first few days. My MIL acts like she has no clue why we're so stressed. I had to remind her that unlike most people we don't get a baby shower to help us get things. My SIL had two baby showers and they bought nothing and they make like 100k more than we do a year so...yeah. Lol. I hate being so stressed. Maybe I need to go to some yoga or something. I just want everything to be perfect and to be as "finished" as it can be right now in case it happens quickly. I feel like if we can finish things quickly we can relax a little throughout the holidays too while we wait. I'm sure I'll feel better after our class and our last home visit next week.