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Thread: I have nobody to ask and I am worried

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    I am 23 yrs old, a student and pregnancy right-now is not an option with my conservative family. I used condoms with my bf but he enters without a condom and then reenters with one on oh and just recently he became my ex.

    On the 21st of October,after sex with my ex I went to restroom and noticed a normal amount of blood as if the beginning of my period. I didn't think much at that time because I was expecting my period to start on the 22nd (the next day). I had very very light amounts of bright red/brownish blood, enough for just a panty liner. This bleeding lasted less than 3 days and after that it stopped. This bleeding was light and only really present that day after sex. After that day I only noticed hints of blood when I wiped.

    After research online I read about implantation bleeding and I am wondering when does implantation bleeding start and also does implantation come with symptoms? Since I had some blood I didn't take a Pregnancy test should I ?

    I am worried and recently I have been killer headaches.
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