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Thread: Thoughts on how to fix this?

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    Default Thoughts on how to fix this?

    I made a deal with one of my sons to give his paci's to a new baby in exchange for a big boy (toddler) bed and a special present. Thurs after naps, I made the change. He has not once cried or asked for his paci's back. His first night, he needed a lot of rocking & back patting to sleep. Then he woke up at 1 am and I brought him in bed with us and he slept the rest of the night. Since then, he goes to sleep with me sitting along side his bed, except for once when I "went to get a drink of water" and he fell asleep alone. I think this is very good for a 2 1/2 year paci addiction.

    Naps are another story. He is mr energy- jumping off his bed, running around his room. Up to and including Thurs he was napping everyday. Not a super long nap but at least an hour, sometimes two. Usually he would wind down by reading in his crib. he still has the books in his bed but reads one and then gets up again. I've tried rocking, laying with him. No dice. He's a mess by dinner and once nodded off in the playroom right after his brother woke up from his nap.

    Do I just keep bringing him up and leave him to play in his room or do I keep trying to help him sleep? If he would last a good hour playing in his room, I would deal with afternoon crankiness. I have stuff to do during naps and I count on an hour of quiet to recharge for the afternoon.
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    with my 2 yr old i use a baby gate to keep him in his room for naptime. sometimes he sleeps sometimes he just plays for the whole time. i stopped calling it naptime and started to call it 'quiet time' and i tell him it does not matter what he does as long as he is quiet enough for his baby sister to sleep.

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    Now today they both are going crazy in their rooms. We seem to be going in reverse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by froggie83 View Post
    with my 2 yr old i use a baby gate to keep him in his room for naptime. sometimes he sleeps sometimes he just plays for the whole time. i stopped calling it naptime and started to call it 'quiet time' and i tell him it does not matter what he does as long as he is quiet enough for his baby sister to sleep.
    I call it rest time as opposed to nap time. I had to take our stair gates down b/c they kept climbing over them. I'm worried that they are getting closer to dropping their naps.
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    My 3 year old still naps, so I would continue with the "quiet time" and hope that they start napping again. I know lots of kids drop naps early, but I like to encourage naps, LOL. Seems like a lot of transition... big bed, no paci... hopefully once adjusted he'll go back to napping. I know mine still needs it.
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    ITA with pp, and call it "rest time."
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    Thanks for the comments- i will for sure keep at it. They both have napped well recently so i think they still need naps but have learned to fight thru when they want to. By bed time tonight, my patience was starting to wear thin. It's too long a day when they don't rest. I did bungle today b/c I was caught off guard by both of them storming out of their rooms every 30 seconds. I have to come up with a plan for tomorrow.
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    I would keep trying, because it sounds like he could use the naps. With that said, when I weaned my DD at 2 1/2 from nursing, she stopped napping completely. However, she was only napping 3 days/week at that point, because she would only nap if she could nurse. The other 4 days a week, I was at work, so she didn't nap. It was rough at first, but she started going to bed earlier, and I started planning to do fun stuff in the late afternoon/early evening times when she would be cranky and tired. It was an adjustment period, but she does fine now. How much sleep are the boys getting at night?

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    Today they are both asleep. I told them both they needed to stay quiet in the rooms for an hour. Z kept calling out that he was sad & needed a hug but he didn't open the door. I went in 2x's to hug him and then he passed out on his bed. Literally he's laying on his back looks like he fell asleep while he was sitting there. It's been exactly one hour and his brother just started screaming but I'm calling today progress.

    They both go to sleep at 8pm and get up around 7am- sometimes half an hour earlier or later. I wanted to get them down earlier last night since they didn't nap but it didn't work out. I think they need a solid 12 hours to be well rested.
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    My son dropped his nap shortly after he turned two. It was gradual - like a day or two of missed naps slowly turned into a couple gem-days with a nap to nothing. Rarely, if he's had a particularly packed day, he'll nap, and it throws our whole sleep schedule off for several days, resulting in a few days with naps thanks to uber-late bedtimes with normal wake-up times. And once this kid drops for a nap, he's dead to the world and gone for 2-3 hours. We can't wake him by moving him, talking to him, nothing. I'd say brace for the distinct possibility that they are preparing to drop their naps and begin adjusting yourself for it, too. It was a LOT harder for me to adjust to him no longer napping than it was for him to adjust to a slightly different sleep schedule, for sure! I will say that he still has his quiet times in the afternoons where he just kinda zones out quietly with a TV show on Netflix, usually for up to an hour or so, or snuggles with me while I'm watching something, which is bliss considering he's running, stomping, jumping, and loud the entire rest of the time he's awake LOL. Good luck with the changes!
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    I've been struggling with naps right now & my daughter. I've found that laying down on the bed with her & lettiing her watch a My Little Pony helps her at least rest. She doesn't always fall asleep but at least she is resting. I am not ready for no naps yet though lol *sigh*. She's 2 so I thought I'd have more time for her to nap.

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