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Thread: New Here and need line spotters. Been TTC 2 1/2 year's with 8 losses.

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    Question New Here and need line spotters. Been TTC 2 1/2 year's with 7 losses.

    Is it possible for HPTs to pick up O?

    Hello I am new here. My name is Stephanie I am 25. My husband is 26.We have been TTC 2 1/2 years with 5 losses together.

    I have had a total of 7 losses.I was pregnant with twins and my daughter was still born at 32 weeks. They induced me at 33 weeks and my son came into the world as healthy as can be.Right now we are on CD 18. I should have just ovulated or getting ready too soon.But, weird thing is I tested faint positive with a first response early response pregnancy test. And, also an internet cheapy.Wonder how early you can ovulate, is it possible to ovulate on period or right after like CD 7?I've been nauseous and super tired for a few days and today crampy. But, also having a soft high cervix and watery CM. Can pregnancy tests pick up ovulation now??

    What do you think?
    Here are the First Response HPT photos.
    These photos are of the same test.

    This was taken Friday night. .
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